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Advocating for Minority Entrepreneurs & Youth

Serving Minority-Led Groups and Businesses since 1981

Formed in 1981, the Georgia Association of Minority Entrepreneurs stands as a local resource to all minority-led businesses and groups. Our various services, relief projects, and connections position us well to make a positive impact in our communities. Through these efforts, we aim to reduce and eliminate discrimination against minorities.

OUR MISSION: The Georgia Association of Minority Entrepreneurs’ mission involves assisting businesses, developing opportunities for employment, and providing other services that stimulate the local economy. We aim to increase the performance of individuals and businesses through motivation and productivity increases. Our efforts, to this end, include uplifting minority businesses within Georgia, assisting with minority small business development, fostering youth participation in these business operations, and facilitating the participation of minority community members in procurement processes at all levels of the government.

GOALS: The Georgia Association of Minority Entrepreneurs aims to encourage both public and private sectors to utilize minority businesses to a greater extent. We are also an information clearinghouse that provides counsel about minority concerns and business opportunities within Atlanta and all of Georgia. GAME also aims to politically and economically advocate for and help with the establishment of small businesses that are minority-led. Furthermore, the Georgia Association of Minority Entrepreneurs aims to inspire and inform minority youths about entrepreneurship and involvement in local businesses as a career option.

GAME Member Benefits

  • Free registration for all Statewide Workshops/ Networking Forums
  • Free Registration for Annual GAME Legislative Day
  • Special rate on registration for DC Fly-In
  • Company listing in Membership Directory
  • Special rate on ads in Membership Directory

Board Members

  • Thomas W. Dortch, Jr.
  • Joshua Menifee
  • Sabrina Jenkins
  • Otis Threatt Jr.
  • Patrick Washington
  • Edward Bowen
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